Passion Pictures' Melbourne office has just completed a fully-animated trailer for the upcoming Scarygirl game, featuring a highly stylized gothic little girl who is raised by an octopus and lives a half-underwater life.

The game is based on Nathan Jurevicius’s cult Scarygirl character, which has been incorporated into products including mini comics and designer toys, in a similar manner to the character Emily the Strange. Scarygirl is the story of a little girl who was abandoned at birth, raised by a friendly giant octopus Blister, and guided by a mystic rabbit Bunniguru on her quest to discover where she has come from.

Passion Australia also produced the game (with help from the Film Victoria Digital Media Fund), which will be released at the end of April. The game was developed by Touch My Pixel, with in-game Flash animation by Renmotion.

Click here to watch the trailer.