Pantone has announced that it’s shipping colorist, a new utility for Mac and Windows users that enables Web authors and graphic designers to choose from Pantone Matching Systems colours from within applications that don't already incorporate Pantone libraries -- such as Adobe Photoshop Elements, Apple Keynote, Macromedia Dreamweaver and Flash.

Colorist, which is based on the previously available ColorWeb Pro software, features the latest RGB and HTML values from Pantone's coated library and includes a scrollable palette of 1,114 Pantone colours.

Also included is InspireME, a free Web utility that specifies pre-defined colour schemes from the Pantone Color Library, including dominant, subdominant and accent color.

Colorist costs about $50 (around £28). Upgrades from ColorWeb Pro cost about $20 (£12) -- free upgrades are available for anyone who bought ColorWeb Pro after September 30, 2003.