Pantone has unveiled the Pantone Goe System (apparently pronounced 'go').

The company says that the Goe System is the first completely new colour inspiration and specification system for the graphic arts industry since the introduction of the Pantone Matching System 45 years ago. The System includes over 2,000 new colours, plus tools and software designed to drive collaboration and improve versatility.

The 2,058 new colours in the Pantone Goe System are arranged in an intuitive, chromatic order for easy, precise, cross-media colour selection and specification, according to Panton. The System includes the Pantone GoeGuide and Pantone GoeSticks, a two-volume set of adhesive-backed chips, along with intelligent software for creating colour palettes that can be imported into applications, shared among coworkers and clients, and archived for future reference.

The Pantone Goe System offers a significantly expanded colour palette, yet is based on a smaller set of 10 Pantone Mixing Bases, plus Pantone Clear, that are readily available anywhere in the world. This is designed to ensure colour consistency on a global basis while keeping ink inventory to a minimum for printers.

The new ink mixing bases deliver technically sound colour standards that are compatible with aqueous and UV coatings, according to Pantone. The colours have also been designed for printing uniform ink film thicknesses to allow for equal drying times and more control when matching colour on press. This enables press operators to run jobs at the same ink settings, providing significant production efficiencies. Pantone is ISO 9001:2000 certified and the Goe System has been manufactured under these stringent quality control guidelines.

Presented in fan-guide format, the Pantone GoeGuide is the primary tool for selecting and communicating the 2,058 Pantone Goe System Colours. Seven colours are represented per page, and each colour is identified by a unique number along with its ink mixing formula and RGB values. To avoid confusion, the Goe System uses a different naming system than the Pantone Matching System. The new naming convention uses a three-part numbering system with a substrate identifier of “C” that refers to coated stock.

All 2,058 colours in Goe System are available in a two-volume set of adhesive-backed colour chips, allowing designers to peel off a chip and place it where they want without using staples, glue or tape. Six chips are provided per colour.

GoeSticks also includes a Pantone palette playground for use as a test area to experiment with the chips.

myPantone Palettes is an interactive colour workspace that provides a platform for selecting and working with colours. It integrates into any application that supports system level colour pickers. There are multiple ways for designers to select colours through the software, including colour pickers, Pantone palettes, an eye-dropper tool, a colour blender, colour schemes, and an image palette builder. The software is compatible with Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Mac OS 10.3 or higher.

A GoeGuide set myPantone palettes software costs £89 plus VAT. A GoeGuide set, GoeSticks and the myPantone palettes software costs £342 plus VAT.