Pantone has announced two new products that extend the Pantone Goe System: Pantone GoeBridge coated and Pantone Color Cue 2.1. Pantone GoeBridge lets creatives visualise and evaluate how the more than 2,000 solid colours in the Pantone Goe System will reproduce in CMYK on coated paper.

By providing conversion formulas for CMYK, sRGB and HTML in a single guide, GoeBridge empowers designers to easily and confidently repurpose projects for multiple colour spaces, saving valuable time and avoiding costly mistakes.

Additionally, Pantone began updated its Color Cue device to version 2.1, which now includes the Goe coated and uncoated libraries, as well as the CMYK values from GoeBridge.

Although many Pantone Goe colours can be successfully reproduced in four-colour process, some cannot because of the inherent gamut limitations of process printing. GoeBridge displays all 2,058 Goe colours in a portable, fan guide format on coated stock alongside their closest four-colour process equivalent. The CMYK values are provided for each process colour and sRGB and HTML values are included for the solid colours, extending the guide’s multimedia capabilities to Web design.

Color Cue 2.1 features seven Pantone Libraries including the complete Pantone Goe System, both coated and uncoated. Users have access to more than 11,000 Pantone Colors for use in the architecture, interior design, graphic design and printing and publishing industries. Color Cue 2.1 also includes a new LCD screen with configurable displays for easy viewing. The device records the last 30 colours measured for later reference and is powered by a standard nine-volt battery that lasts for thousands of measurements.

In addition to the Goe library, Color Cue 2.1 includes the Pantone Matching System for coated, uncoated and matte stock, as well as the Pantone Fasion + Home Smart Color System and the Pantone Paint + Interiors Color Libraries.

The Pantone GoeBridge coated will be available in October 2008 for the introductory price of £82.00 plus. Pantone Color Cue 2.1 is available immediately for the introductory price of £239.00 plus VAT.