Pantone has began shipping the ColorMunki Create software-&-hardware bundle for monitor calibration and colour palette creation. Selling for a lower price than the ColorMunki Design version, it pairs the same ColorMunki Create software with an Eye-one monitor calibrator. Slightly confusingly, this is included instead of the ColorMunki Design's innovative monitor, printer and colour capture device that's become known as the ColorMunki.

ColorMunki Create automates colour palette creation with a variety of tools for colour selection. Colours can be chosen from system-level colour pickers, Pantone Color Libraries including the Pantone Matching System and Pantone Goe, keyword searches or colour harmonies. ColorMunki can identify and extract colours from images, and users of ColorMunki Create have the ability to snap any colour from a built-in library to Pantone Colors. Palettes can then be imported into popular design applications including Adobe Creative Suite and QuarkXPress, as well as other industry-standard applications. A palette synchronisation function will automatically update any changes in palettes to the design applications.

The included monitor calibrator has a PrintSafe feature, a verification tool with a one-click, out-of-gamut preview by paper type that will alert users as to which colours in their palettes are achievable or not on different paper stocks.

Users can preview palettes for CMYK or spot colour printing with the Snap To feature, and easily predict how palette colours will reproduce in different print situations. Colours can also be evaluated under varying light sources.