Pantone has released a series of inks for Epson wide-format printers. The Colorvantage pigment inks are superior to Epson's own inks and are around 20 per cent less expensive, according to Pantone.

The company says that, compared to the standard inks, the Colorvantage inks offers better colour reproduction in the midtones and three-quarter tones and dry quicker. They also fade and change colour slower over time, according to Pantone.

The Colorvantage inks work with Epson wide-format printers with output capabilities of 11-x-17 inches and large. This includes the Stylus Photo 2100 A3+ photo printer and the Stylus Pro line, including the 4000, 5000, 7000 and 9000. Epson compatible printers from Roland, Mutoj, and Mimaki are also supported.

Pantone includes a custom printer profiles with each Starter Pack set of inks, and the company has set up a Web site that will provide more profiles. The profiles support the full range of printers, and papers from Arches Infinity, Epson, Hawk Mountain Papers, Kodak, Mitsubishi, Moab Paper Company, Premier Art and Red River Paper.

The Starter Packs cost between £19.52 and £302.71 depending on the printer model. Individual replacement cartridges start at £7.35. All prices exclude VAT.