Pantone has released Pantone Color Inspiration/2007, a limited edition guide of the latest trend colours, featuring 56 new spot colours for graphic designers and printers. Pantone Color Inspiration/2007 is available free with Pantone's Formula Guide or Pantone Essentails collections.

Pantone Color Inspiration/2007 is based on Pantone’s annual forecast for the home furnishings industry, Pantone View Home 2007. The 56 new spot colours were specially formulated for offset printing and are divided into eight distinct colour palettes of seven colours each. Ink mixing formulas and RGB data for repurposing on the Web are provided for each colour.

The eight colour palettes featured in Pantone Color Inspiration/2007 are Simply Elegant, Classic Chic, Lumens, Mélange, Aux Naturale, Grass Roots, Fresh Air and Light Touch.

The bundle also includes Pantone Colorist software. Colorist provides access to a Web-based version of the Color Inspiration/2007 guide, with CMYK values for the 56 new colours that are viewable in RGB, as well as expanded imagery for each of the eight palettes. Additionally, Colorist allows Web authors and graphic designers to select Pantone Colours from within popular applications that don't already incorporate solid PANTONE Libraries.

For a limited time, Pantone Color Inspiration/2007 and Pantone Colorist will be bundled at no additional cost with the Pantone Formula Guide or Pantone Essentails collections. The Pantone Formula Guide is available for £63 plus VAT for the two-book set (coated and uncoated) and £86 plus VAT for the three-book set (coated, uncoated and matte). Pantone Essentials is a six-guide set priced at £205 plus VAT.