JASC Paint Shop Pro has been bumped to version 7, and promises to deliver automatic image-enhancement tools, JPEG artefact removal and Web-design tools in the upgrade. Banbury-based makers Digital Workshop says that the package will sell for the same price as the previous version, but adds an impressive array of features designed to make it competitive with other image-applications such as Adobe Photoshop. New features in version 7 include manual colour correction tools, Moire pattern removal, edge-preserving Smooth tool, Salt & Pepper filters for noise removal, and Smart Edge – which automatically cuts out irregular shapes. Other graphic-arts features include red-eye removal, automatic scratch-removal tools, plus layering and compositing features for creating montages. Web functions surface in the upgrade, with Paint Shop Pro now sporting image slicing, image mapping and rollover-creation tools. Graphics can be previewed in Web browsers, and Paint Shop Pro 7 now supports PNG, RGB, BW, RGBA and SGI file extensions. Version 7 also includes Jasc Animation Shop 3.0 bundled with the package. It will cost £79.95 plus VAT.