Linxu users, bereft of Photoshop, have for a long time been using GIMP (graphic image manipulation program) for graphics work. GIMP is an open source image editor that can be freely downloaded from the GIMP Web site. Now Mac OS X users can get their hands on this tool with the release of MacGIMP 1.2.1. MacGIMP includes all of the standard image manipulation tools such as brushes, fills, and gradients plus a colour picker and lasoo tool. It offers over 100 filters, true type fonts and sample artwork. Full documentation in HTML and PDF formats is included. MacGIMP can also be ordered on CD for $29.95. The CD also includes XFree86, a customized Windows manager that looks like Classic, more than a dozen window manager themes and source code for all of the included elements - including the GIMP_Cocoa project.