Oracle this week will detail a Web development suite it is offering for the Oracle9i database, at its Application Development Showcase in San Francisco. Oracle's suite will enable developers to provide Web services by building applications on top of the database and application server, as well as to create applications that make use of Web services, according to John Magee, senior director of 9i product marketing at Oracle. The suite rounds out Oracle's 9i platform, which includes the 9i database and 9i application server. Included in the suite are a "Hosted Portal Framework" for delivering applications across the Internet; a connected developer service based on Oracle Technology Network, in which Oracle hosts application life cycle management for customers; and Dynamic Services, an application development framework for building applications and Web services. "The trend we're responding to is the general migration of data off of corporate desktops and onto the Web," Magee said. "It's a natural evolution as software becomes a service for development to follow suit."