Several other features of Genuine Fractals have been improved including the document size presets which make resizing and cropping to fit much easier; an improved crop tool that allows photographers to define a crop in any direction as well as additional user experience improvements.

Genuine Fractals Standard Edition costs £109.99, or £59.99 as an upgrade, and supports RGB or grayscale images in Photoshop. The Professional Edition costs £204.99, or £69.99 as an upgrade - and adds support for CMYK images, Photoshop Lightroom and Aperture.

onOne Software has also launched the second versions its PhotoTools 2 utilities for Photoshop, which is also available in Standard and Professional Editions. The Standard version costs £109.99 and works under Photoshop. The Professional Edition costs £174.99, and adds support for Photoshop Lightroom and Aperture, plus over new 120 effects from Jack Davis and Kevin Kubota. Upgrades to both versions cost £59.99.

The Category Mode has been improved by being organized in a common photographic workflow that will be familiar to photographers. Effects are organized by categories such as Image Optimization, Portrait Enhance, Landscape Enhance, Color Tints, etc. Choosing a category reveals the available effects within.

Using emotive keywords and descriptors, photographers narrow down the list of effects to just those that match their unique search criteria. For example, a photographer can click on a keyword like Black-and-White and then click on a mood descriptor such as Warm and Grainy. Effects that match those two search criteria will be displayed for the photographer, greatly improving the process of locating a type or style of effect.

The new Preset Mode displays a list of presets or effects “recipes” that are included with PhotoTools or any presets that a photographer has created for themselves. Additionally, any presets that a photographer has downloaded for free from the onOne Exchange, a community site dedicated to PhotoTools users, will appear in this list as well.

PhotoTools 2 provides a new preview mode that includes dozens of new 'before and after' previews for each effect to help photographers make the best choices for communicating their vision through enhancing their photographs.

Designed by photographers for photographers, PhotoTools 2 includes dozens of new effects to meet the needs of today's digital photographers. PhotoTools 2 Professional Edition expands upon the Standard Edition with additional photographic effects developed by Photoshop guru Jack Davis and professional wedding photographer Kevin Kubota.

The new Plug-in Suite 4.5 costs £334.99, and includes Genuine Fractals 6 Professional Edition, PhotoTools 2 Professional Edition and PhotoFrame 4 Professional Edition in addition to Mask Pro 4, PhotoTune 2.2, and FocalPoint 1.0. Current owners of version 4 of the Plug-in Suite will get the upgrade for free.