onOne Software has released a Lite version of its PhotoTools 2 Standard Edition plug-in collection that's freely downloadable from the company's website.

PhotoTools 2 Standard Edition is a plug-in for Adobe Photoshop CS2, CS3 and CS4 that utilizes Photoshop Actions to provide a range of imaging tools including effects, corrections and production automation.

Based on the same feature set as PhotoTools 2 Standard Edition, PhotoTools 2 Lite includes 14 of the most popular effects found in both PhotoTools 2 Standard Edition and PhotoTools 2 Professional Edition. The 14 effects available in PhotoTools 2 Lite range from reproducing classic photographic effects like Bleach Bypass and Cross Process, to reproducing film stock such as Kodachrome and Velvia, to modern effects including automatic skin smoothing.

The Lite Edition can be downloaded from www.ononesoftware.com/pt2lite.

PhotoTools 2 Professional edition is available for £199 and the Standard edition costs £129.

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