onedotzero5 details announced

onedotzero, the world’s largest digital film festival, is returning to London between April 27 and May 6 2001. As usual the event will take place at the ICA and will be heavily tied in with the institute’s nationwide Japan 2001 festival - and this year one of the events is sponsored by Digit. Central to the Japanese theme will be the J-Pop bar event, which takes place at the ICA bar on May 2, which features DJ/VJ duo Jr. playing Japanese Pop and visuals from contemporary Japan and cult Japanese movies. The festival is split into four main areas. wow + flutter 01, sponsored by Digit, is a programme of ‘motion graphics and future visual styles’ from up-and-coming filmmakers including Richard Fenwick, andy Martin and Blue Source. wavelength 01 will show music video and commercials from creatives including Floria Sigismondi, Digit front-cover artists Designer’s Republic and Shynola. j-star 01 includes work from Japan’s finest visual artists, while lens flare 01 includes Japanese only computer gaming visuals. The festival also includes Mirrorball 2 – featuring work from Roman Coppola, Shynola and Dom+Nic – and the usual panels, presentations and other live events.

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