On2 Technologies has released a new version of its flagship Flix Engine video encoding software designed for servers with multi-core processors. Through On2’s new TrueCore technology, Flix Engine can use multiple processor cores to encode video in parallel, resulting in substantially faster video transcoding speed with a single Flix Engine.

The company says that with TrueCore technology, a 720P high-definition video file can be encoded at 1.4 times faster than real-time on a processor with eight cores.

The new Flix Engine offers two modes of operation for different video encoding applications. The default mode is targeted at user-generated content (UGC) sites, and other high-volume applications for smaller video files. In this mode, Flix Engine simultaneously encodes multiple videos by automatically spawning a new encoder process on each available core or processor. An eight-core processor can therefore encode eight video files simultaneously.

For high-resolution content, Flix Engine uses the TrueCore technology to encode different sections of a video file simultaneously across multiple processor cores. As a result, large files, such as high-definition video (HD), are encoded significantly faster, and can be encoded faster than real time with suitable number of cores utilized.

In either mode, Flix Engine with TrueCore provides marked improvements with each additional processor core. On2 says that a four-core instance can encode a video file approximately three times faster than a single-core implementation of Flix Engine, and an eight-core instance can encode a video file approximately five times faster.

Flix Engine with TrueCore is offered at the same licensing terms as the current Flix Engine for up to four-core utilization. Thereafter, each additional four cores accrue additional Flix Engine licensing fees. Existing Flix Engine licensees who have current support contracts can upgrade to Flix Engine with four-core TrueCore technology.