Users of Quark Xpress will soon be able to produce eBooks, according to announcement made by Quark and Microsoft. The companies are working together to create an XTension for avenue.quark, an Xpress tool for repurposing content, that will translate documents into a form compatible with Microsoft’s ClearType display technology. ClearType improves the quality of fonts on LCD screens and is designed to allow users to comfortably use screens for long periods of time, for example for reading novels. It can be used with Microsoft’s novel-sized Pocket PC – as well as laptops and conventional LCD screens. No release date has been announced, but a Windows pre-release version is currently in existence. Full releases for Windows and Mac should appear towards the end of the year, when Microsoft releases its ClearType technology for platforms other than the Pocket PC. The Xtension will be available as a free download from Quark’s Web site.