NXN has announced alienbrain Studio 7, the next version of its asset management tool. Avid, who purchased NXN in January, will be displaying the new version at the Game Developers Conference in California, on March 24 to 26.

The company claims that alienbrain Studio 7 incorporates superior software configuration management functionality, enhanced throughput and a newly-designed architecture, with more than 40 new features provided.

The key new features in the release include the use of change sets for managing change requests, which NXN claims will boost individual performance. Change sets are logical groupings of all files associated with a change request. The entire change set can be modified and uploaded to the server as a group, providing a more structured approach to complex projects, the company claims.

Alienbrain Studio 7 also claims new features to optimize processes. It supports multi-threading for multi-processor machines and hyper-threaded systems – NXN claims that this will boost processing performance and provide reliable scalability. A new storage management system adds more flexibility to archiving and removes project size restrictions, according to NXN.

Finally NXN claims that the new version provides for efficient integration into any studio environment, through an open architecture and a C++ Software Development Kit. For Studios with multiple operating systems alienbrain Studio 7 also offers near feature parity sets for Mac OS X, Linux and Windows.