NVidia has revealed that it has teamed up with Hollywood, model and television star Adrianne Curry to create the world’s first real-time, virtual celebrity. The announcement, which the company says is enabled by its new flagship graphics technology, will allow celebrities to create and license detailed replicas of their likeness without ever having to make a physical appearance or take a photograph.

Virtual celebrity licensing will have a multitude of applications, including adapting celebrity characters into newly developed video games, virtual modeling and endorsements; digital appearances in film and television; and virtual hosting on Web sites or traditional broadcast media, says nVidia.

"I am honored to have been selected as the first celebrity for this project", said Adrianne Curry. "The Digital Adrianne is so realistic, it’s really trippy. Lara Croft, eat my shorts!"

nVidia virtual actor

Adrianne Curry is the ideal choice for this venture as she is on the cutting-edge of this fresh, new trend in Hollywood. In addition to her successful modeling career, that has landed her on the pages of Maxim, Playboy, Sync and Marie Claire, to name a few, Adrianne is a bona fide television star with television credits that include some of the most successful reality TV shows including the CW’s America’s Next Top Model, VH1’s hit series The Surreal Life and My Fair Brady, among numerous other stints in television and film. Adrianne also runs one of the most popular blogs and online promotions in the industry, according to the company.

"The uses for this technological breakthrough are truly endless," said Dan Vivoli, senior vice president of marketing at nVidia. "The digital Adrianne can demonstrate the same range of emotions, movements, and attitudes and appear just as lifelike as her living, breathing counterpart. It is simply a stunning transformation."

The virtual Adrianne celebrity will be introduced at the official nVidia launch event being held.