Sun and NVidia have teamed up to bring a range of NVidia’s Quadro graphics cards to 64-bit Sun Java Workstations running Solaris, Windows or Linux.

Sun will be bundling the NVidia cards with its W1100z and W2100z Sun Java Workstations, based on the AMD Opteron processor, the companies claim. They are aiming the bundle at digital content creators and CAD designers, as well as scientific and financial markets.

The NVidia Quadro cards available for the Sun Java Workstations are the NVS 280 for 2D, the entry-level FX 500, the mid-range FX 1100, the high-end FX 3000 and the top-of-the-range FX 4000.

The companies are also working together to optimize the OpenGL implementation for Solaris on x86 and deliver a development environment.