Graphics chip developer NVidia has updated both its workstation 3D GPUs (graphics processing units). Two Quadro4 lines have been announced, to be used in workstations and cards from many different manufacturers (including Compaq, Boxx, HP, IBM, and Max Black). Seven Quadro4 chips have been released, five in the XGL series and two in the NVS line. The XGL series is aimed at 3D artists and comprises of the Quadro4 500 and 500 XGL for mid-range work, the 700 and 750 XGL for high-end work (with a fully programmable graphics pipeline) and the 900 XGL at the top of the scale. The 900 XGL is pitched against the likes of the recently released FireGL 8800 from ATI and the expected-soon 3Dlabs Wildcat 6110 (see page XX). The NVS series is aimed at video editors and provides high-quality video and multiple monitor support. The Quadro4 200NVS is an affordable card that offers output to dual digital or analog displays. The 400NVS is more powerful, and can power up to four digital or analog monitors. According to NVidia, Quadro4 includes two completely new architectures designed to accelerate OpenGL and DirectX applications. They include shading technology for real-time custom animations, use NVidia’s LMA II (Lightspeed Memory Architecture II) 128-bit memory interface and all feature nView, NVidia’s multiple display technology. Prices for cards and workstations using the chips will be announced by those companies.