NTL trials HDTV

NTL has been trialing on-demand delivery of HDTV (high-definition television) streams over the next generation of broadband. The ISP, telco and digital TV provider announced this as part of the presentation of its fourth quarter results for 2004.

In February 2005, NTL began the UK's first trial of ADSL2+, a new system of broadband Internet delivery that the company says allows downstream connection speeds of over 18Mbps over currently installed networks. The system uses the copper wire-based infrastructure that has developed from the pre-privatisation BT phone network, rather than NTL's own cable network. This was followed up by the successful trialing of HDTV streaming over the broadband network, according to NTL.

Sky will launch HDTV services in 2006, probably before the football World Cup kicks off in Germany on June 9 2006.

 border=0 /><p>HDTV offers a higher-resolution picture than conventional TV. Programmes shown in HD in the US include ABCLost.

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