Dust off the feather boa, the Webbys are coming around again. The International Academy of Digital Arts & Sciences has announced the nominees for the fifth annual Webby Awards, which is billed as the Oscars of the Internet and pays tribute to some of the most creative, informative and just plain wacky sites on the Web. (The Webby Awards is owned by IDG, the parent company of Digit.) Members of the public can vote for the People's Choice Awards at http://www.webbyawards.com from April 30 through July 4. In addition, a panel of judges that includes entertainment icons such as David Bowie and Francis Ford Coppola will vote on the Webby Awards themselves. The winners will be announced at a ceremony on July 18, which will be Webcast from San Francisco's opulent War Memorial Opera House. Webby Awards Founder and Director Tiffany Shlain downplayed the impact of the past year's dot-com fizzle and said the quality of entries is as high as ever. There's a "certain disconnect" between the downturn in the economy and the fact that more consumers than ever are accessing the Internet, she said. "I really believe that in challenging times it forces people to do better work," she said. "In many ways the Web is going back to its roots. The people who were in it just to get rich quick have gone ... and we're left with some really creative people who've been here for a long time." The 135 nominees are divided into 27 categories. They are as follows: Activism act for change http://www.actforchange.com Independent Media Center http://www.indymedia.org PETA http://www.peta-online.org Protest Net http://www.protest.net Volunteer Match http://www.volunteermatch.org Broadband 120 Seconds http://www.120seconds.com Heavy http://www.heavy.com Once Upon A Forest http://www.once-upon-a-forest.com Pulitzer Newseum - Photos http://www.newseum.org/pulitzer/shock/shock.htm Yahoo!Finance Vision http://financevision.yahoo.com Commerce CafePress.com http://www.cafepress.com GorpTravel.com http://gorptravel.gorp.com Half.com http://www.half.com mySimon http://www.mysimon.com Travelocity http://www.travelocity.com Community Beliefnet http://www.beliefnet.com ChickClick http://www.chickclick.com craigslist http://www.craigslist.org Kuro5hin http://www.kuro5hin.org {fray} http://www.fray.com Education A Biography of America http://www.learner.org/biographyofamerica ExploreMath http://www.exploremath.com NationalGeographic.com http://www.nationalgeographic.com Nova Online http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova The New York Times Learning Network http://www.nytimes.com/learning.com Fashion Celine http://www.celine.com eLUXURY http://www.eluxury.com Hint Fashion Magazine http://www.hintmag.com Kirna Zabete http://www.kirnazabete.com SoWear http://www.sowear.com Film Eveo http://www.eveo.com indieWIRE http://www.indiewire.com Psycho Studio http://www.saulbass.net/psychostudio Requiem For A Dream http://www.requiemforadream.com The New Venue http://www.newvenue.com Finance CBS Marketwatch http://www.cbsmarketwatch.com Motley Fool http://www.fool.com MyCiti.com http://www.myciti.com PayPal http://www.paypal.com Yahoo! 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