If you want people to talk about something, you set up a chatroom on a Web site about it. However, this may soon not be enough – as mobile phone giant Nokia has unveiled a handset featuring enhanced text-based chat capabilities. Aimed at younger users, the 3310 GSM handset's person-to-person chat functionality is based on the SMS messaging specification. It is scheduled to ship in this year's fourth quarter. When in chat mode, the 3310 can be used to exchange text messages modelled on Internet-based chat services. Messages can also be sent to any SMS-enabled handset, Nokia said. Nokia also launched FriendsTalk, an operator-dependent service that will allow 3310 users to take part in text-based chat sessions involving several people simultaneously. It is expected that service will be extended to externally-run ‘chatrooms’ shortly after. In addition to the enhanced chat functionality, other features of the 3310 handset include the capability to exchange picture messages with other Nokia handsets that support the feature, two new games, Space Impact and Bantumi, and fully editable profiles consisting of a screen saver, ring tone and profile name that can be downloaded over the air. The handset, which support 28 languages, can be used on both 900MHz and 1.8GHz GSM networks. Weighing in at 133 grammes, the 3310 offers talk time of up to 4 hours and 30 minutes and 260 hours of standby time using a standard battery, Nokia said. Pricing information was not available.