If Nintendo president Satoru Iwata is at all worried about the Xbox 360 motion sensing controller rumours, he wasn't showing it this week.

In his latest interview on the subject he almost appeared to laugh off the rumours before moving on to talk Nintendo strategy.

The comments came during an investors meeting on Thursday, and was transcribed by Develop Magazine.

"All I can say today is, it is not that easy to develop software which leverages the characteristics of the Wii Remote. We are not concerned about what other companies may do but rather more concerned with presenting them with new ideas to our customers based on the prospect that our existing customers will surely get tired of the plays enabled by Wii Remote if we do not try to improve the experience," Iwata said.

If another company, Microsoft or otherwise, did bring a new waggle wand controller to the market, Iwata flatly denied to speculate on its impact, but did say that Nintendo did not view such an action as a threat to its business.

Rumors have persisted throughout the year regarding an Xbox-branded motion controller. In April, Gyration denied involvement in the still-unconfirmed project. Two weeks before that, MTV News revealed it had several sources who could confirm Microsoft was hard at work on a Wiimote knockoff.

The Xbox 360 motion controller is still very much a rumor, but nevertheless Nintendo doesn't appear to be losing any sleep over it.