Nintendo President Satoru Iwata gave his keynote at the Game Developer's Conference held in San Francisco, outlining what lies ahead for its next-generation console codenamed Revolution.

Confirming previous announcements and rumours, Nintendo's next console will be powered by a CPU from IBM, codenamed "Broadway"; the GPU will be from ATI, and is codenamed "Hollywood".

Moving away from its previous reluctance toward online, Iwata implied that online gaming will be a higher priority -- the Revolution will feature built-in Wi-Fi, allowing "users around the world to connect with one another wirelessly". Development kits will be sent out to developers by E3 in May.

However, unlike Microsoft, Iwata in his keynote did not explicitly say whether or not the Revolution will be shown at this year's E3 -- but with both Sony and Microsoft intent on showing off their respective next-generation consoles, Nintendo will likely follow suit