Nintendo Co. Ltd. launched its newest handheld gaming device, the GameBoy Micro, in Japan on Tuesday.

The Micro is easily the smallest member of Nintendo's hit GameBoy family, as its name suggests. At 10cm long by 5cm deep and 1.7cm thick, the device is smaller than a deck of cards yet packs gaming power. Nintendo says it has about the same power of previous GameBoy models despite its diminutive size.

It includes a two-inch color LCD screen and buttons for both game control and menu selection. A number of face plates can also be bought to change to look of the device.

The GameBoy Micro costs ¥12,000 (£60) and its launch was timed to coincide with the 20th anniversary of Nintendo's Mario Bros game.

Launching with the device are three software titles from Nintendo. Super Mario Bros and Dr. Mario and Panel de pon both cost ¥2,000 (£10). The third title, Mario Tennis Advance, costs ¥3,800 (£19). GameBoy Advance software can also be played in the device.

Audio and video files can also be played through an adapter.