Nikon has released the D1 professional digital SLR camera – and it should ship for around £3,500. The full-size SLR sports a 2.74-megapixel resolution, giving an effective 2,012-x-1,324 pixel output – making for print-quality output. The SLR-case will let users view shots through the lens of the camera – making for more accurate captures than most above-the-lens compact digital cameras. The D1 one is speedy too, says Nikon, delivering 4.5 frames per second shooting speed for up to 21 consective shots. Compatible with any F-mount Nikkor lens, it features what Nikon dubs a 3D Digital Matrix Image Control, which has 3D colour matrix metering, TTL white balance and tone compensation. The camera has an ISO rating of 200-1,600, a top shutter speed of 1/16,000 second, and a flash sync up to 1/500 second. The camera is shipping now.