Nikon has also updated the contrast detection AF system to provide autofocus support during movie capture and Live View.

The D3S features a new image sensor cleaning function that generates vibrations at four different frequencies to reduce the impact of static dust collection on the optical low pass filter of the image sensor. The camera offers three alternative crop modes, all masked automatically in the viewfinder. The photographer can now choose from 5:4 (30x24); 1.2x (30x20); and DX (24x16). The new crop mode is designed to offer a practical combination of lens magnification and slightly reduced file size.

Nikon's latest SLR features a new Quiet shutter release mode that enables the photographer to mitigate the sound caused by the mirror return. The company says that this is suitable for wildlife photography and other situations where shutter noise might distract the subject.

New RAW processing options in the Retouch menu include JPEG compression, Size, White Balance, Exposure Compensation, Picture Control, Noise Reduction, Colour space and Vignette Control settings. Nikon says that these options accelerate the workflow for the busy photographer on the road

The Nikon D3S will cost £4199.99 or €5100.00, and will ship in December.

The camera may be just a stop-gap before the launch of the D4 next year, which will add a 15.7mp sensor, a 61-point AF system and 1080p video at 30fps, according to a document leaked to
Wired Gadget Lab.