Nikon has taken the wraps off six new digital cameras, with new offerings for consumers, hobbyists and pro-sumers, and digital photography professionals.

The new line-up includes the point-and-shoot Nikon Coolpix 4600, 5600, 7600, 5900 and 7900 models, as well as the D2Hs, a digital SLR camera.

Nikon D2Hs

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The D2Hs is Nikon

With a 4.1Mp sensor, the D2Hs is designed for photojournalists and sports or action photographers who need high speed but don't necessary need high resolution.

A large picture buffer for continuous shooting lets photographers snap up 8 frames per second for up to 50 consecutive shots using fine quality images and JPEG compression (or 40 shots using RAW format).

The D2Hs features a new image processing engine that produces higher quality pictures with finer gradations and lower noise. Also new on this model is a refined exposure metering system, improved auto white balance and better auto focusing.

The D2Hs uses USB 2.0 to connect to a Mac or PC, and can also send pictures wirelessly to a Mac OS X or Windows XP-equipped system using Nikon's optional WT-2/2A 802.11g transmitter. The D2Hs is compatible with DX Nikkor and Nikkor AF lenses.

Pro-sumer models

Aimed what Nikon refers to as "step-up consumers," the Coolpix 5900 and the Coolpix 7900 are 5.1Mp and 7.1Mp resolution, respectively, and they feature all-metal bodies, 3x optical zoom lenses, two-inch LCD screens and a new "Face-Priority" auto-focus feature.

Both cameras use lithium-ion batteries, good for more than 200 shots at a charge, according to Nikon. The 7900 and 5900 can shoot continuously at 1.7 and 2 frames per second respectively, and feature multi auto-focus with a choice of 99 manually selectable areas and five choices for auto select auto-focus.

The Coolpix 5900 will be available this month, exclusively at Jessops, at a cost of £213 plus VAT. The Coolpix 7900 will cost £272 plus VAT and will be available in March.

Consumer models

The new 4Mp Coolpix 4600, the 5.1Mp Coolpix 5600 and the 7.1Mp Coolpix 7600 all share some common traits designed to help improve the pictures you take while they're still in the camera, like Nikon's In-Camera Red Eye Fix technology, new D-Lighting feature, which can compensate for insufficient flash or excessive backlighting; and Blur Warning, which lets you know when camera shake or hand shake may ruin a shot.

They also sport a new redesigned user interface that makes it easier for beginners to find what they need. All the camera sport 1.8-inch LCD screens and consume less power -- they use AA alkaline batteries. The Coolpix 4600 will cost £128 plus VAT, the Coolpix 5600 will be £170 plus VAT – both available this month. The Coolpix 7600 will be £255 plus VAT and will be available sometime this Spring.