The D1 digital SLR camera has won universal acclaim since its release last year and Nikon has announced two new models based upon that camera. The D1X adds to the resolution, while the D1H offers extra functions for workflow improvement. The D1X is a 5.47 megapixel camera that can capture images at a resolution of up to 3,008-x-1,960. Nikon has also boosted its Capture software to allow users to download and work on images in full 16-bit colour either in the studio or as RAW files. The D1H boosts the consecutive shooting speed of the camera to up to 40 shots at 5fps. It also offers faster image processing and data transfer to both CompactFlash card and directly to computer using an IEEE 1394 (FireWire) cable. Both cameras also add a newly developed 130,000 pixel LCD monitor, a custom setting menu (displayed on the monitor) and enhanced system compatibility with other Nikon SLRs including the F5, F100, and D1. It also includes a RS-232C interface for connection to a GPS position information unit. Pricing has yet to be announced on both models.