Nexus Productions have created a set of humorous idents for the organic food company ‘Seeds of Change’ highlighting their range of preservative and additive-free sauces, soups, pasta and cereal bars.

Directed by Simon Robson, the 15, 10 and 5-second idents contain witty and engaging sketches on ‘organic’ life between a pair of wellington boots, a potting trowel and watering can & two garden pots. Voiced by Stephen Frost and Hugh Dennis, the characters are like classic comedy double-acts each having their own identifiable mannerisms and with one playing the wit and the other the foil.

The animation style and typography in each, synonymous with Simon’s style, perfectly captures the mood and rhythm of the dialogue and the performance of the two characters. Based on the print campaign, the idents retain their organic 2D and stop-frame style aesthetic and the handmade, loose design used for the typography.

“Our challenge was to create identifiable characters that could develop through the series of idents, so you feel you get to know them. I wanted the characters to feel familiar without them being too stereotyped,” Simon Robson added. “It’s been fun to work out how a boot could be bawdy or a trowel could impersonate a courgette.”

The idents will be aired on Channel 4.