Nexus creates 80s feel for Calvin Harris

Nexus Productions director Woof Wan Bau has created a music video for Calvin Harris’ latest track ‘Acceptable In The 80s’ taken from his debut album ‘I Created Disco’, released later this year.

Woof Wan Bau’s brief was to create an 80s themed music video but rather than just put together a bunch of 80s themed visuals he decided to interpret this in his own unique way. This involved creating an alternative fictional 80s obviously with undertones of the original decade but involving ‘must have’ fictional fashion accessories such as an otter-like creature that was for some reason ubiquitous and possibly essential for the livelihood of people in the 80s.

Woof Wan Bau’s aim was to highlight how things that were supposedly 'acceptable' during a particular era now look absolutely ridiculous or even other-worldly in retrospect.

The track opens with a girl energetically dancing, dressed in an assortment of strange garments whilst swinging the fake otter-like creature around. Mostly set against a background of lurid primary colours, the action is interspersed with scenes of Calvin getting down to the track while plugged in to a portable otter – or ‘i-otter’ as it has been dubbed. The ubiquitous otter creature also features in other bizarre scenes in which he is the subject of a series of experiments performed in a sinister science laboratory by men in white coats. They dissect the otter and extract various body parts which we see being used as essential tools in everyday life. For example, his eyeballs are boiled to create a soothing medicine, an internal organ is used to create babyfood and a toenail is used to create a health detox drink.

Calvin Harris was so taken by the otter creature, in fact, that he has named it 'Pablo' and he will be taking Pablo on tour with him! Incidentally, Calvin has also set up a myspace page for Pablo fans.

Woof Wan Bau commented, “Even though there was a lot of work to do, everyone involved in this project was having so much fun that we somehow managed to get it all done within our time-frame. A lot of the talented cast are actually animators borrowed for the day from the Nexus Productions studios. I think every animator has an inner performer waiting to come out. My regular collaborator Emma Macfarlane did a fantastic job on the styling and costumes.

People don’t seem to agree with me, but I like to think of it as my first proper pop video!”

'Acceptable In The 80s' is out in March.


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