Nexus Productions’ directing duo, RBG6, have just completed a retro-futuristic commercial for the Honda Civic.

The computer animated 30-second spot is a homage to the sci-fi cult classic ‘Tron’. Using the electric 1980s aesthetic of the original film, RBG6 showcase the excitement, agility and freedom of driving. In a powerful and dynamic explosion of colour and sound the neon arenas of Tron are brought right back into the future.

Honda screengrab of ad

Three Honda Civic cars – one red, one blue and one green – are driven in a Tron-like race scene where obstacles appear for the cars (and their drivers) to enjoy, experience and, ultimately, overcome. RBG6 created a test track for each car to highlight its qualities. These tracks are the Maneuverability Track, where the car swerves and zig-zags around geometrically-shaped obstacles; the Precision Track, on which the car speeds through narrow openings in walls represented by slices of light; and the Grip Track, where the car drives along narrow lanes and ledges with steep angles, gaps and tunnels.

The cars were modelled in 3D, along with the rest of the arena in which they race in a style that echoes the vector graphic techniques used in Tron. The sound effects also take their cue from the original film, melding real engine sounds with those created using an analogue synthesizer.

RBG6 said, “It has been an honour and, of course, any director's dream to make a commercial based on the Tron movie. We spent the warmest summer in Sweden since 1951 indoors and in front of the TV examining the mesmerising visual approach and details of this classic and, within the field of CGI, groundbreaking film. No tan this year, but it was all worth it. Tron is a visual treasury and we got the opportunity to use it!'”