NewTek has announced that LightWave 3D has been ported to the Intel and AMD 64-bit platforms.

NewTek claims that LightWave 3D is the first professional 3D graphics application to reveal plans for a 64-bit port. Lightwave can deliver higher performance through the increased processor power and greater memory capabilities of the 64-bit platform, according to the company.

Of particular value is the ability the 64-bit system provides for faster memory access for loading and swapping large scene files. LightWave 3D's optimized performance on the 64-bit platform will enable increasingly complex scenes and animations to be rendered with greater realism, NewTek claims.

"The added ability to access massive amounts of memory quickly and to handle even larger scene files more effectively, as provided with 64-bit technology, makes this a winning combination for 3D artists in any arena" said Dr. Andrew Cross, NewTek's senior VP of software engineering.

The 64-bit version of LightWave currently in beta test and will be available for sale when the 64-bit version of Windows becomes commercially available, the company claims.