New York sums up the Noughties

For its latest issue, which reviews the previous decade under the title of 'Noughties', New York magazine commissioned nine leading designers to produce typographic pieces based around the characters '00s'. We spoke to New York's design director Chris Dixon about the project.

Aside from using the characters, the only other restrictions of the brief were that the artwork should fit within one of the magazine's page, possibly as the cover - with the artists given complete freedom within these open parameters. Even so, Dixon says he noticed a general theme of darkness across the submissions.

Balloons by Alex Trochut.

"Alex Trochut explained that his concept of the balloons with various logos from the noughts stemmed from the idea that the decade was full of air and without much substance," he says. "Gray318 graphically illustrated black 00's with missiles, flames, skulls, and currency symbols to represent the war and the recession.

Subscriber cover by Todd St John/Hunter Gatherer

"Todd St John and Marian Bantjes stepped away from the computer and crafted wood and metal respectively, and emphasized shadows and textures. Studio8 Design created a piece that represented the various social networks that began in the 00's.

Black and White (with text) by David Carson

"David Carson, Mario Hugo, and Matt Owens created compelling designs that also emphasized the darkness of the decade. Fellow Designers contributed one of the more optimistic images that we felt celebrated the decade."

Newsstand cover by Fellow Designers

Dixon felt that the pieces by Fellow Designers and Todd St John worked best on the cover.

"Luckily, we were able to run both: one for subscribers and one for the newsstands," he says. "We also used David Carson's beautiful black and white design for the opening page."


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