New suites for streaming and DVD

Digital Origin has launched two new suites based around the company’s EditDV video editing package. CleanerEditDV Studio is an end-to-end solution for creating streaming media, while EditDVD Publisher offers the same functionality for DVD creation. Both suites work by bundling the full version of EditDV with other solution-specific applications. CleanerEditDV Studio adds Terran Media Cleaner Pro for stream encoding and Adobe After Effects for compositing and filter work. This allows video to be captured from DV, edited, composited and encoded to any of the major streaming formats (Windows Media, RealSystem and QuickTime) in a single production workflow without transcoding. EditDVD Publisher adds DigitalMediaPress for hardware-accelerated MPEG-2 encoding, Adobe After Effects, Sonic Solutions DVDit!LE for DVD and cDVD authoring, and Media Cleaner EZ for basic stream encoding. This allows DV video to be edited, composited and combined with other media to create DVDs or cDVDs (smaller scale DVDs encoded on CDs and readable by DVD drives). Both solutions also include Digital Origin’s MotoDV IEEE1394 capture card and software, PhotoDV for basic video painting, Pixelan’s Spice Rack effects bundle, and Adobe PhotoDeluxe for still image editing. CleanerEditDV will be released at the end of August, with EditDVD Publisher following in mid September. Both packages will cost £899 plus VAT.

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