Astarte has expanded its product range with new versions of two of its DVD-creations tools and the launch of a new tool and a complete DVD creation solution. The Millenium Bundle, which retails for around £9,000, is a full turnkey system based around a G4 400 Mac with 192MB of RAM and 20GB hard drive. Also included in the solution is an additions 25GB of storage, a 21-inch monitor, a Sony preview monitor, Altec Lansing speakers and a copy of Astarte’s own DVDirector Pro authoring software. A Pioneer DVD recorder can also be added for approximately £3,000. DVDirector has also been updated to version 1.7.1. This update works with all versions of the software (basic, Pro and RT), and adds support for creating multi-angle titles in all of the eight angles allowed by DVD. 1.7.1 can be downloaded for free by current customers from Astarte’s website. The company’s MPEG encoding software has also been upgraded, to version 3.5.1 – and has been optimized for the new Velocity Engine in G4s. It also supports source files larger than 2GB under OS9, and can also create files larger than this size. As well as these updates, Astarte has also released its new [email protected] technology, which will be added to all of the company’s DVD authoring tools. This allows Web links to be added to standard DVD titles – which can be utilized when the DVD is used through a computer.