In a direct challenge to the Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), a new domain-name registry on Monday announced that it has begun selling an additional 20 top-level domains (TLDs), including .kids, .travel and .xxx, for £20 per year. The new TLDs are more logical and easier to remember than the existing TLDs and go beyond the seven new TLDs that ICANN announced late last year, David Hernand, chief executive officer of, said Monday during a conference call. "We are a market-based solution to the naming system in contrast with a political-based solution, which has moved slowly," Hernand said. "The first seven (TLDs) were released over 10 years ago ... by great visionary minds who simply did not envision how popular the Internet would become. We hope to move quickly into this space to provide consumers the names they want now." In addition to .kids, . travel and .xxx, is selling names ending in .shop, .mp3, .inc, .sport, .family, .chat, .video, .club, .hola, .soc, .med, .law, .game, .free, .ltd, .gmbh and .tech. is using the same uniform dispute resolution policy that ICANN uses for protecting trademarks and resolving disputes over ownership of names, Hernand said. The TLDs work within the existing DNS (domain name system) infrastructure, and has partnered with the infrastructure service company UltraDNS to make access to the new TLDs efficient, Hernand said. The names became available for purchase at early Monday and are being sold on a first come, first served basis, Hernand said. has reached agreement with EarthLink, [email protected], and NetZero, to ensure that the 16 million customers of those Internet service providers (ISPs) can reach the new TLDs. Internet users who are not customers of those ISPs have to download a plug-in to their browser to activate their access to the new TLDs. ICANN had no comment on the announcement, said Brett LaGrande, a spokesman for the organization.