With a goal of realizing more accurate colour reproduction on flat-panel monitors, Mitsubishi and NEC-Mitsubishi have begun working with Microsoft to develop new specifications for LCD (liquid crystal display) displays, the three companies announced yesterday. The companies are working together after Mitsubishi Electric made breakthroughs in LCD panel development that puts LCD monitors much closer to matching the colour reproduction possible with conventional CRT (cathode ray tube)-based monitors, they said in a statement. Mitsubishi Electric's new colour management technology results in better overall image quality by allowing for independent control of red, green, blue, cyan, magenta and yellow colours in LCD panels. The specifications under development will be those Microsoft will expect LCD monitor makers to adhere to if they are to display the "Designed for Windows" sticker on their products, according to the statement. Microsoft has already drawn up a basic set of specifications, and passed them to developers. For its part in the deal, Mitsubishi Electric will work on development of an LSI (large scale integrated circuit) chip to be used in LCD monitors to ensure the devices meet Microsoft's specifications. Mitsubishi Electric plans to both use the chip in its own monitors and sell it to other monitor makers, said company spokesman Matthew Nicholson. Prototypes of the new LSI-compatible LCD monitors will be shown from today at the Windows Hardware Engineering Conference (WinHEC) 2000 in New Orleans in the US, and on May 17 at an event in Taipei, Taiwan, the companies said.