Gateway has announced the latest addition to its high-end laptop range. The Solo 9500 offers a whole host of possible configurations and costs from £1,549 plus VAT. The 9500 is based around a 15- or 15.7-inch screen, among the largest available in the laptop market. It offers a choice of Pentium III processors, up to 512MB of RAM and up to 32GB of hard disk space. It also has a modular drive bay system that allows users to hot-swap a variety of DVD, CD, CD-RW, and hard drives – as well as extra battery units. The laptop also offers high-grade video performance through ATI’s Mobility M-4 graphics accelerator, which has a 4x AGP connector and 8 or 16MB of RAM. An optical connector is included for PAL video out and Dolby AC-3 digital audio out. The 9500 also offers a number of upgrade options including networking (Ethernet) and IEEE 1394 (FireWire).