Fujifilm has announced two digital still cameras with 9mp image sensors – the FinePix S9000 and the FinePix E900.

Although buyers have started to pay less attention to the number of megapixels when buying a digital camera, there is still rivalry between manufacturers to produce the biggest sensors.

Fujifilm boasts that its two new cameras are the first consumer models to capture over 9 megapixels. Near rivals include Canon’s EOS 20D, an SLR model with an 8.2mp sensor, Konica Minolta’s Dimage A200 (8mp) or Olympus’ E-300 (8.1mp).

For these new models, Fujifilm has incorporated a new CCD image sensor and a new image processor, which reduces image noise and improves shutter speed, especially in low lighting conditions, the company said.

The new image processor is called Real Photo Technology, and Fujifilm already uses it in two models – the FinePix F10 and the FinePix Z1.

The FinePix S9000 is an SLR model with a tilting LCD screen on the back. It comes with a 10.7x zoom lens – equivalent to a 28mm to 300mm zoom. It shoots photos in the RAW file format, and captures video at 30fps in VGA resolution. The camera has two slots for xD-Picture memory cards.

The other camera, the FinePix E900, is a more compact point-&-shoot model. It has a 4x zoom lens, and extra lenses can be added. It too can shoot photos in RAW format.

The FinePix S9000 will cost around $700 (£400) when it goes on sale in the US in early September, while the FinePix E900, which goes on sale the following month, will cost around $500 (£285).