Auto.des.sys has announced what it claims is the last of the numerous 3.x updates for its FormZ 3D application. FormZ 3.6 adds updates and improvements in two main areas, interface design and performance, and should pave the way for the company’s R&D team to concentrate on FormZ 4.0. Rendering speed has been upped greatly, with support for multiprocessor Windows machines in both Preview and Full Raytrace modes boosting this even further. The interface improvements include making the Illustrator-style splines more like modern versions of Illustrator and better cursor and axis display in OpenGL and QuickDraw 3D. FormZ 3.6 can also generate QuickTime 3D and autosave images for surface render, hidden lines, shaded render and RenderZone. FormZ will be launched at SIGGRAPH 2000 in New Orleans on 23-28 July. It should be available as a free upgrade from the Auto.des.sys Web site.