Epson is extending its range of inkjet media with the launch of Epson ColorLife Photo Paper. The new polymer-coated paper, says Epson, offers over 25 years lightfastness along with resistance to fading and discoloration. This, says the company, makes it a suitable media for amateur and professional photographers. With a weight of 245gsm and available in A4 and A3+ formats, it features a semi-gloss finish and is suitable for use with Epson's dye-based photo printers, including the following Stylus Photo models: 790, 870, 890, 875DC, 895 1270 and 1290. Epson ColorLife Photo Paper is available in a 20-sheet pack of A4 size paper for £11.47 plus VAT and a 20-sheet A3+ paper for £36.33 plus VAT.