Minolta has announced four new cameras, ranging from the modestly-priced 2.3 megapixel Dimage E201 to the massively high resolution Dimage 7, which is based around a 5.24 megapixel CCD. Between these sit two 3.34 megapixel models. The Dimage 7, which only costs £999 including VAT, has a 5.24 million pixel CCD and a 7x zoom lens with a wide-angle focal length that goes down to the equivalent of 28mm in 35mm format. It features a high-resolution viewfinder, called a Digital Hyper Viewfinder by Minolta, which the company claims shows a full array of shooting information – as well as the effects of in-camera manipulation. The Dimage 5 has a 3.34 million pixel CCD and the same 7x zoom lens, though this has been set differently to go up to the equivalent of 250cm. It also shares the same CCD as the Dimage 7. The Dimage S304 includes a 3.34 million pixel CCD with a 4x zoom lens (35-140mm in 35mm format). The Dimage E201 succeeds the Dimage 2300. It includes a new processor, a 2.3 million pixel CCD and an aspheric lens (the other new cameras all come with apochromats). All of the models share a number of technologies. They all use Minolta’s high-quality GT lenses (except for the E201), which make their first appearance in these cameras, and use the company’s CxProcess image processing technology to improve the clarity and quality to images. The cameras also include a high-speed LSI (large scale integration) for quick image recording and autofocus and autoexposure functions such as flexible control over the point of focus and advanced multi-segment metering. The Dimage E201 will become available in July for £299.99 including VAT. The Dimage 7 will ship at the end of July. The Dimage 5 (£799.99 inc VAT) and S304 (price TBA) will both ship at the end of August.