Digimation has released two products for 3D artists. Terrascape is a procedural landscape generator, while 3DSkies1 and 2 are collections of pre-rendered skies. Terrascape creates random but tileable terrain blocks within 3D Studio Max. It’s aimed at game designers, as the terrain blocks are designed to work quickly within runtime engines. Users wishing to build larger maps can use the TerraGrid primitive, which can be used to add multiple tiles at once. The plug-in also offers several modifiers for creating volcanoes and craters, and a special landscape material that creates itself based upon the elevation of existing terrain. 3DSkies1 and 2 include 34 and 38 skies respectively. Each sky is mapped onto a dome for realistic results within animations, but is also included as a high-resolution image for still 3D. The skies include many different types of weather and lighting – including minimal clouds, cloudy, clear, stormy, dawn, sunset and night. The collections also includes a full set of 3D skydomes. The 3D files are shipped in 3D Studio Max and .3ds formats, which is importable into most 3D apps. Terrascape and 3DSkies1 and 2 are both available for purchase from the Digimation Web site. Terrascape costs $295. 3Dskies1 and 2 costs $210 for both collections.