D&AD have announced that leading British designer and art director Neville Brody will be designing the D Annual 2008, to be published in September this year. The annual contains work from international advertising and design creatives, and is regarded as an important snapshot of the state of the industry. Works to be included are selected by the 300 industry figures who judge the D Awards, held in April.

"Neville Brody has been crashing digital and graphical worlds together since the beginning, and it’s fantastic that he has agreed to interpret the Annual this year,’ said Simon Waterfall, D President. “He has been inspiring designers in multiple disciplines for so long, it will be fantastic to see how he draws them all together under one cover."

"Designing the D Annual is a great honour, and, more than that, a great challenge,’ said Brody, founder of Research Studios. “Through its Annuals, we make historic statements about the context and role of design and advertising in society. Today, that question of identity is as loud as it has ever been, with the seismic shift away from print to electronic media and back again."