Plextor has announced the PlexWriter 12/10/32A CD-RW drive. It uses one of the latest CD-RW technologies, BURN-Proof, to prevent buffer underruns. Underruns happen when PCs can’t deliver information to the drive fast enough. Although drives keep a buffer of information to stop interference from the host computer or network breaking the burn, severe congestion can often exceed this buffer. BURN-proof (Buffer UnderRuN-proof) stops recording if the amount of information in the buffer drops below a certain amount. As the name suggests the 12/10/32A writes discs at 12x speed, rewrites at 10x and reads at 32x. It’s an internal ATAPI drive and ships with recording software, utilities for the drive and two blank discs (one CD-R, one CD-RW). It costs around £205.