NEC Display Solutions in the US has announced with SpectraViewII colour calibration sensor and software. The SpectraViewII Kit works with high-end NEC MultiSync displays, as well as being bundled with the 26-inch MultiSync LCD2690W2-BK-SV and 30-inch LCD3090W-BK-SV monitors.

The SpectraViewII system, available for Mac OS and Windows, uses a custom-calibrated, co-branded colorimeter based on the iOne Display 2 from X-Rite, to take colour measurements of the display screen during calibration.

The software analyzes these measurements and sends colour adjustment commands directly to the display monitor, allowing the full colour resolution and fidelity of the system to be maintained. The new sensor is custom manufactured and matched for wide colour gamut displays, like the recently introduced MultiSync LCD2690WUXi² and LCD3090WQXi, in order to provide the most precise measurements possible with a colorimeter device. The sensor is also compatible with standard gamut LCD displays.

The SpectraViewII Kit is available as an accessory for select NEC LCD displays and includes the new colour measurement sensor and SpectraViewII calibration software. It costs $329 in the US. Existing customers with a supported colour sensor device can purchase the SpectraViewII software separately for $104.99.

UPDATE: NEC Display Solutions in the UK has let us know that this product isn't available over here. The SpectraView software bundled with monitors in Europe is different to the software used in the US, and isn't currently available separately from NEC's SpectraView monitors. NEC says that "we are considering launching a similar product in the UK".