Character-driven animation studio Nathan Love has created four witty spots for US mobile phone network Cellular South. Working with the team at Martin Williams, the studio crafted a campaign based around the asterisk – reminding consumers of the caveats and small print inherent in many mobile phone contracts.

In “Sheriff,” the star-like symbol appears after the words “Reliable Network” as a small figure appears on the horizon. As he draws closer, the figure is revealed as an archetypal Old West sheriff, who smoothly extracts a pair of six shooters and shoots the legs off of the asterisk, leaving only a period behind. That final punctuation indicates the unconditional nature of Cellular South offerings.

The campaign provides familiar variations on the asterisk theme, as a giant squid drags most of the asterisk under water, a laser-shooting robot melts away another’s points, and a nimble samurai slices through the symbol’s vagaries. The team used Autodesk Maya, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, and Pixologic ZBrush.

“Sheriff” hit US TV screens on March 31, with an additional spot debuting at week intervals. "Sherif" can be seen here.