Boris FX has launched a versions of its Boris Continuum Complete 6 plug-in package for Autodesk's Smoke, Inferno, Flame, and Flint systems. The release features over 20 new filters including Pixel Fixer, DV Fixer, and Smooth Tone tools, Swish Pan, Lens Blur, Cartoon Look, Pencil Sketch, and Water Color effects, and Open GL-accelerated effects such as Lightning, Prism, Scanline, and Tile Mosaic.

The software was announced at the NAB Show 2009 in Las Vegas.

XML-based Animatable Presets are now compatible across all Boris Continuum Complete host applications, including Adobe After Effects, Apple Final Cut Pro, and Linux-based Autodesk effects and finishing systems. Effects can be animated offline and saved for future application in any supported host application.

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The new Pixel Fixer filter removes bad pixels resulting from a faulty digital camera sensor or dust on a camera lens. Up to ten bad spots can be repaired with a single filter application - without any degradation of image quality or sharpness. Smooth Tone is an 'electronic makeup' method that automatically smoothes or softens human skin tones while preserving detail contrast, making skin silky-smooth without loss of sharpness in the image.

Other new effects include Swish Pan, Lens Blur, Charcoal Sketch, Pencil Sketch, Water Color, Cartoon Look, a Swish Pan transition filter, and DV Fixer for removal of jaggies from an image clip.

Boris FX says that every BCC 6 Sparks filter is either OpenGL-based or multiprocessor-accelerated for faster rendering speeds.

Boris Continuum Complete 6 for Autodesk Effects and Finishing Systems will be available in June US$2,495 (around £1,725). Owners of previous versions of BCC Sparks can upgrade for $595 (£410).