Imagineer Systems has released a version of its Mocha motion tracking software that's designed for use with Final Cut Pro (and Final Cut Express).

Mocha is a standalone motion tracking application with a 2.5D tracker for image replacement and stabilization. It's available as a high-end version for use with compositing systems such as Autodesk Flame and Eyeon Fusion, and a version for Adobe After Effects is bundled with the CS4 release.

The software based on Imagineer Systems’ 2.5D Planar Tracking technology, which Imagineer says is significantly more robust than traditional point trackers typically found in today’s editing systems. The Adjust Track tool helps remove drift and enables users to extract offset tracking data for areas that go off screen.

Mocha for Final Cut exports the tracking data in XML format to Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Express.

A nodelocked licence of mocha for Final Cut costs US$199 (£136), while a floating licence costs $299 (£205).

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